Free Jack-o-lantern Patterns

Free Jack-o-lantern Patterns
A few free patterns. Simple and direct, but good.
Non-Halloween jack-o-lantern patterns; Famous people, Patriotic, Christian images, Animals, and more. Turns out this site is based in Smithfield Utah, just north of Logan, so there’s also a Utah Aggie pattern!
Many, many patterns.  Most are for sale at a modest price ($2-$3) but she posts weekly free patterns as well.
Probably the best assortment of patterns and ideas out there: Hundreds of free patterns, with photos of jack-o-lanterns the site owner has made over the years; Simpsons, Family Guy, Dora, Patriotic, Lord of The Rings, Wizard of Oz, and LOTS more. Many of these are likely for more advanced carvers, requiring more time and effort than the traditional jack-o-lantern, but with more impressive results.

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