Jake of the Web Time Wasters And Then Some


Stabilized Zapruder Film

WARNING: This is the actual film that shows JFK getting shot in the head. It is not for the faint of heart.

The camera, understandably, was jostled around quite a bit in the commotion. This Stable Pan allows the image to remain steady within our field of vision. Never mind that the stabilization was done by a conspiracy theorist  who insists the film itself is a fake...

Watch the reactions of the driver and the other riders in the car. How would you react in a crisis situation like this? Perhaps the strangest (yet somehow understandable) response is from the first lady. When she gets up and reaches behind the car, it was often stated that she was trying to help the secret service agent behind the car to hop up before the car drove away. She is actually reaching for a piece of the president's skull that had flown onto the back of the car. You can see her grab it and then get back into her seat as the car speeds away.


Class Warfare In Occupy Wall Street?

Although this is funny, it's also stunning.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Woman Thwarts Robbers Using A Spy Cam

This woman calls the cops on a pair of robbers as they are robbing her home - while she is at work and watching things unfold over a webcam. Pretty tense.


Musical Tesla Coil Hat

Make sure to stick around to the end to hear the Harry Potter theme.




Sword Dancing

Don't worry, no one gets hurt, but WTF?


Douchebag Bison

Bisons are total d-bags.

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Florida HP Officer Arrests A Miami Police Officer For Speeding

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Ranch Dressing Chug




Battleship. With shots. The world's most cerebral drinking game.

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