Jake of the Web Time Wasters And Then Some


System of A Down’s Chop Suey Mashed Up With Crocodile Rock

They've clearly taken someĀ autotuning liberties on some of these vocals, but the result is pretty incredible.


Playing Music For (And With) Elephants

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Autonomous Drones Play Music For Our Amusement

Although I'm sure this took hours upon hours of programming locations into these drones, the fact that these little guys are playing music so in-sync is very, very impressive. and a little scary.


Frozen and Michael Jackson Mashup

Elsa singing Michael Jackson's Thriller and the main characters from Frozen dancing like Thriller zombies? Sure, why not.


Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ Played At 33 RPM

This gives it a very different feeling than the original, but is still great. I first heard this song as performed by The White Stripes, which is heavier butĀ also excellent.


Here's a live version at normal speed.


Funky Post-Beatles Lennon/McCartney Mashup

I can't say this is perfect, but it is surprising how well these two very different songs go together.

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Adorable Twins Dance To Dad’s Guitar

The look they give each other as he starts playing is the CUTEST!


Cool One-Man Band


President Obama Slowjamming The News With Jimmy Fallon

And here's a gif of Obama dropping the mic at the end - I don't know why I think that's so funny:



Surreal Tupac Hologram At Coachella

And so it begins... first autotune and now holograms. Not much longer and we'll have a pop star that is 100% fabricated. From her (it has to be a hot chick, right?) voice to her appearance, everything will be controlled and perfected before being presented on screen and on stage. Before that, though, I'm betting they'll bring Jim Morrison back to life with the rest of The Doors on stage with him.