Jake of the Web Time Wasters And Then Some


Timewasters 12-20-11

Newt’s Nudes. Possibly NSFW - Artistic nudity.

Type “Let It Snow” into Google.com

Kim Jong Un Looking At Things. The successor to Dear Blog Kim Jong Il Looking At Things.

The nicest place on the internet.

Russian near miss.

Video reenacting Calvin’s Snowmen.

How can sloth be a sin?


Timewasters 12-13-11

Android phone name generator. Accurately pokes fun of the overwhelming number of new Android handsets being released.

Pop that zit! Seriously gross.
Recommended by Bill

Devastating Explosions are fun!

The Procatinator. Random cat gif generator.
Recommended by Emily Johnson

Black Friday shopping prank.

Baby bear sneezing a lot.


Timewasters 12-6-11

Receive reminders of your Past Posts.

Make a customized video “from Santa” to your kids or significant other.

My Robot Nation. Design your own robot, then have it made and sent to you if you want.
Recommended by Jake

Lego Christmas Tree ornaments. With instructions!

I’m so tiny. Tiny widdle food.

Texts from Bennett.

“Teddy Bear” the porcupine loves corn.


Timewasters 11-29-11

Illegal tire dump on private land contains anywhere from 250,000 to 1 million tires and can be seen from space:

View Larger Map

How many days old are you?
Recommended by Bob Pierson

Movie Locations Guide. A not-yet-complete but noble effort to pinpoint precise addresses of notable film locations.

My favorite Venn Diagram.

Fake Siri conversations.

Cat massaging a dog.

Little girl has an evil laugh.


Timewasters 11-22-11

A photo mashup of TV shows Arrested Development with Game of Thrones. It’s Arrested Westeros.Cat Toupees.
Recommended by Emily Johnson

Is it safe to eat a frozen turkey from when Reagan was president?

The super site of Supercuts.

Get your drink on, based on the music you’re listening to with Drinkify.
Recommended by Bill & Mrs. Bill

Musical Tesla Coil Hat.


Timewasters 11-15-11

The best of the worst reviews for Jack and Jill.
Recommended by Kerry

Free cabin porn. That is, pictures of cabins. I actually feel more relaxed just looking at these.

Food Landscapes.

The 19th Century Facial Hair Quiz.
Recommended by Emily Johnson

The awesome dogcam! The point of view from a dog’s chewtoy.

Cyclist goes airborne.

Corgi vs. Ice Cube.


Timewasters 11-8-11

Watched by Steve.

Artist creates huge works of art by driving his truck in a dry lake bed.

Star Wars Alphabet.

The Kitten Covers.

Go to Google and type a search for “do a barrel roll”.

Sword Dancing.

The d-bag bison.


Timewasters 11-1-11

American Mustache Institute presents Movember 2011.
Recommended by Emily JohnsonWhich vitamins/supplements are actually helpful for you to take?

With Google Takeout, Google has made it very easy to pack up all of the data you have saved with them and take it with you.
Recommended by Chris Brooks

Parks and... Meth? Quotes from Parks & Rec combined with stills from Breaking Bad.

The world’s best/worst boy band. Heart2Heart.

Florida HP officer arrests a Miami Cop for speeding.


Time Wasters 10-25-11

Free Jack-o-Lantern patterns.

Doodle or Die. The visual version of the telephone game. Potentially NSFW language and/or doodles.
Recommended by Kat Kellermeyer

Unicorn poop handsoap.

“Pro Wrestler” interrupts a wedding. He didn’t want to hold his peace.

Full-color Ron Swanson Halloween mask.

Puppies the size of soda cans.

Man with face tattoo is scared to tears by a puppy.


Timewasters 10-18-11

Super Hero Socks. Now with capes!
Recommended by Chris Brooks

Celebrities writing letters to their 16-year-old selves.

Sh*t that Siri Says. Funny, ironic, or weird responses from iOS 5’s built-in digital personal assistant.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses.
Recommended by Tom Martinez

One-Year old with a magazine thinks it’s just a broken iPad.
Recommended by Kerry

Photos of people in a super-scary haunted house.
Recommended by Emily Johnson

Floppy drive duet.