Timewasters 12-20-11

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Newt’s Nudes. Possibly NSFW – Artistic nudity.

Type “Let It Snow” into Google.com

Kim Jong Un Looking At Things. The successor to Dear Blog Kim Jong Il Looking At Things.

The nicest place on the internet.

Russian near miss.

Video reenacting Calvin’s Snowmen.

How can sloth be a sin?

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Timewasters 11-1-11

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American Mustache Institute presents Movember 2011.
Recommended by Emily JohnsonWhich vitamins/supplements are actually helpful for you to take?

With Google Takeout, Google has made it very easy to pack up all of the data you have saved with them and take it with you.
Recommended by Chris Brooks

Parks and… Meth? Quotes from Parks & Rec combined with stills from Breaking Bad.

The world’s best/worst boy band. Heart2Heart.

Florida HP officer arrests a Miami Cop for speeding.

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Timewasters 10-18-11

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Super Hero Socks. Now with capes!
Recommended by Chris Brooks

Celebrities writing letters to their 16-year-old selves.

Sh*t that Siri Says. Funny, ironic, or weird responses from iOS 5’s built-in digital personal assistant.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses.
Recommended by Tom Martinez

One-Year old with a magazine thinks it’s just a broken iPad.
Recommended by Kerry

Photos of people in a super-scary haunted house.
Recommended by Emily Johnson

Floppy drive duet.

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