Jake of the Web Time Wasters And Then Some


Our Solar System To Scale On a 7 Mile Dry Lakebed


If Arnold Schwarzenegger Had Voiced Darth Vader


Cool Tricks With Water


Camera One Billion Times Faster Than Normal Can Show Movement of Light and See Around Corners

This camera is so fast, a film of a bullet traveling one foot would take a year to watch!


The Happy Secret To Better Work

I love TED Talks - this one is especially good. If you have Netflix, there's a ton of these on Instant Watch right now, too!


Avengers Spoiler


This was totally my favorite part of the movie.


56 Episodes Of Star Trek At The Same Time

I'll admit, it's a bit much.


Baby Giraffe Chases A Butterfly


Surreal Tupac Hologram At Coachella

And so it begins... first autotune and now holograms. Not much longer and we'll have a pop star that is 100% fabricated. From her (it has to be a hot chick, right?) voice to her appearance, everything will be controlled and perfected before being presented on screen and on stage. Before that, though, I'm betting they'll bring Jim Morrison back to life with the rest of The Doors on stage with him.


Steve Jobs – “Our World Was Built By People Like You”

I must confess, I have historically had more than a few qualms about Steve Jobs. Partly it was his tendency to verbally eviscerate people he felt were beneath his intellect. Partly it was the "Cult of Apple" that he had built. Time, as well as the untimely passing of the man himself, has softened my stance on such a polarizing character. Regardless, his words here are inspiring - and in more than just a formulaic "manage your time or your time will manage you" kind of way - and if we can really tap into what he is explaining here, it really could change our lives.

Thanks to Jason for the link.