Jake of the Web Time Wasters And Then Some


Alton Brown is Back!

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Stars Wars Gets 30 Rock Intro Treatment

The synchronization is uncanny.


Here's the original viewed side-by side with the mashup:



1988 Seoul Opening Ceremonies: Where Doves Were Burned Alive

Starting at about 4:45, the cauldron is lit. Some time before, white doves had been released into the stadium during the opening ceremonies, and many had yet to find their way out of the stadium.

As birds are wont to do, they were drawn to a relatively high perch to check out the scene - little did the birds know they were moments away from being burned alive. Most got away, but a few didn't get away in time.

Whose idea was it to release birds, anyway?



Adorable Doggie Makes A Surprise Appearance At The News Desk

Seriously, how cute is that dog? Adorable.

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President Obama Slowjamming The News With Jimmy Fallon

And here's a gif of Obama dropping the mic at the end - I don't know why I think that's so funny:



Voltron In Real Life

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Dress Rehearsal Of Steve Jobs’ Tribute SNL Sketch

I think SNL's current cast is just amazing.


Patton Oswalt On Dancing, Disney, And Emo

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Tom Selleck’s Moustache – Everywhere

Tom Selleck's moustache really does make other actors more impressive. If you're a Selleck fan like me, check out my previous post about SelleckWaterfallSandwich.


Sesame Street’s “Glee” Parody

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